Using the game in a ‘club’ setting

Bruce Lockhart (Scripture Union Scotland Regional Worker for Perth, Kinross and Fife) shares his experience.

Given that time was limited at the club, I quickly told the children and young people about the app before diving straight in, exploring the story of Jesus calling his first disciples (‘Jesus and the Fishermen’). It was very easy and straightforward.

  • I introduced the app and then showed a video of the calling of first disciples (find the videos at the Theatre of the Saga). I also explained to the group that they could download the app at home and play the game, exploring the story or reading through it. Additionally I showed them where the passage was in my (paper) Bible.
  • Next, I gave them a lump of play dough and asked them to design a boat. (This was my own idea and not that imaginative – but simple ideas can still work well.)
  • I asked them questions, directly copied from the app. Some questions were asked from the front, when we chatted about the passage. Some were asked in groups, where the children and young people either drew a picture or wrote a response in a paper speech bubble.
  • We finished by looking at the responses; and I encouraged them, again, to try the app at home.

There was nothing revolutionary here, but it was lovely to see the way the group engaged with the story and responded.

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