Assembly Outline

Length: 10 minutes

What you need


  • access to the school projector, screen and sound;
  • Guardians video downloaded ready to show or streamed from;
  • parent consent letters;
  • tablet device and means to connect to the projector;
  • quiz clues about five well-known cities (optional).


Prior to the session, write down clues to help the children identify five well-known cities. For example: this city is the largest in England; it has the River Thames going through it; it is the capital of England...

What you do

Introduce yourself to the children.

Begin the assembly with the ‘City Clues’ quiz.

As you read the clues, ask the children to put their hands up when they know what the city is called. When they identify the city, try again with a different city.

Explain to the children that you are now going to talk to them about a different city, one they probably have not heard of before. This city is called ‘Ancora’ (An-core-a), meaning ‘anchor’ and ‘hope and support’. Tell the children a bit more about the city including:

  • The city of Ancora used to glow with the light of a thousand stories.
    Now these tales are gone and the Spire grows dim.
    But some still search for stories, to relight the Spire once more.
    They are called the Guardians of Ancora!
  • Ancora is known as the city of light, where stories from the great Saga are told in front of the Spire of Light.
  • As the stories are told, the light shines more brightly, bringing light to the whole city.
  • Guardians explore new stories, bringing them back to the Theatre to share with the whole city.

Adapt this sample script to suit your own style:

I’m here this morning to tell you about something brand new and exciting that we’re going to be starting in your school very soon. It has to do with the city of Ancora.

We are coming in to do a lunchtime/after-school club based on the game Guardians of Ancora, which is played on a tablet computer like this.

I’m going to show you a quick video now which will tell you a bit more about the game.’

Show Guardians of Ancora demo video, ready to show or streamed from

If you have your tablet connected to the projector, you could invite a confident child to play the game for a 30 seconds, so everyone can see.

Continue, again adapting to your style:

It looks great, doesn’t it! The game is based in a city called Ancora and as Guardians your challenge is to go on adventures to find the lost stories of the Saga (the Bible) to bring them back to Ancora.

I’ll be coming into your school every ……………… at……………… pm for 4 to 6 weeks to run the club. In the club we’ll play the game and do some fun extra activities too.

I only have ten places available for this club so if you would like to come you’ll need to sign up soon!

Explain to the children that you will give letters to their teachers to give out in class.

Thank them for their time and tell them that you look forward to seeing them at the Guardians Club.

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