The way to the Cross

Session plan: The way to the Cross

Bible Quest rank: TBA

Time for session: 50 minutes

Resources list

  • Tablet with Guardians of Ancora app already loaded, for each child;
  • List of device numbers or permission from parents for children to have a game account;
  • Projector, big screen, tablet and cables to demonstrate the game (optional). 
  • Any items needed for your choice of 'Activity'.

As children arrive, you might like to have a video playing on the big screen (one of the Guardians of Ancora song videos or the video you used in the school assembly) to help create an exciting atmosphere.

Elapsed TimeTimeActivity
2 minutes2 minutesIntroductions

Welcome the children and introduce yourself and any other team members. Remind them of any rules you have for the group.
12 minutes10 minutesLogging in and getting started

Remind the children about the game. Introduce the story ‘The Way to the Cross’ by asking the children the question: ‘What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do?’

Explain to the children that today they will be learning about a story from the Bible where Jesus had to do something incredibly difficult.

Give out the devices (the same as last time if possible) and ask the children to tap on their game character (from the previous session). Or, if children have game accounts, let them login with their username and password.

The app will load and a ‘Welcome’ screen will open with a question for the player to answer. They will then be able to collect a reward of firebugs.

Close any other screens (tap on the X in the top-right corner) so that you can see the picture of the full city.

Tap on the ‘Spire’ arrow. You will then see a close-up view of the Spire district.

Touch the blue ‘game controller’ icon to open up the Bible Quest selector.

Swipe to the left until your chosen title ‘The Way to the Cross’ appears. Then tap to play.
32 minutes15-20 minutesTake an adventure

Ask the children to start playing the game ‘The Way to the Cross’.

As they do this, ensure that any volunteers walk around the room and make themselves available to chat with the children. It is important to note that some children will want to talk about what they are doing, while some will be fully focused on what they are doing. If you have enough tablets, your helpers can be playing too – and getting tips and hints from the children! (Playing games together is a great leveller. The barriers between adults and children are swiftly eroded as young players are often highly proficient: somehow this can change the type of conversation and make everyone far more equal.)

The Quest is divided into three ‘chapters’. At the end of each chapter, the player can ‘light the Spire’ with tiny orbs of light which have been collected while running around.

Instructions on-screen explain to the player that they can then choose to replay that chapter or play the next one. Each chapter has its own set of challenges: items to find and collect, as well as travelling through the story.

In your club setting, encourage players to continue and play through the whole Quest. (The app will give them the option to go back to the main Ancora map after each chapter, but that could mean they do not complete the story within the time available.)

When the Quest is complete, players will be presented with an ‘Action menu’: three suggestions of something they might like to try next. These options vary each time. Tapping on one of the choices will take the player straight to that part of the game.

If they prefer to do something else, they can close the Action menu (tap the X, top-left) and make their own choice, from the big picture of Ancora.
42 minutes10 minutesActivity

Once everyone has finished, choose one of the short activities from Activity ideas. These are deliberately simple, flexible and short.

You might like to use the same type of activity with each Quest (such as a quiz) to give a regular structure to your session; or deliberately choose a different activity each time, to add variety.
47 minutes5 minutesPause for thought question

Encourage the children to ponder over a question such as: ‘Why do you think Jesus went to the cross?’

Or choose one of the prayer prompts from this Bible Quest in Guardians of Ancora.

Depending on the style of your group, you might like to share thoughts and answers, all together, in smaller groups, or use the Creative Hub (bottom-left corner) to write, draw or construct a response.
50 minutes3 minutesClose

Thank the children for coming.

Say how much you’re looking forward to seeing them again next time.

Ensure the teacher responsible for the children dismisses the children from the club appropriately.

Shut down the devices, tidy the room and leave everything as you found it!

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