The first session

Plan your club session to last around 50 minutes, leaving shuffle-time at the beginning and end to get everyone organised.

Your first session will need to include a certain amount of time to ‘set the scene’ of what happens in the game, to get everyone using their devices, and the initial ‘training room’ quest.

This means that time playing the game will be squeezed, compared with other sessions, so you may prefer to start with one of the ‘easy’ Bible Quests: Jesus and the Fishermen; Messages from Angels (the shortest quest); or Angels and Shepherds. Choose your session plan and adjust the timings accordingly.

As children arrive, you might like to have a video playing on the big screen (one of the Guardians of Ancora song videos or the video you used in the school assembly) to help create an exciting atmosphere. 

Session plan: Getting started

Bible Quest rank: Training

Time for session: 15–20 minutes

Resources list

  • Tablet with Guardians of Ancora app already loaded, for each child;
  • List of device numbers or permission from parents for children to have a game account;
  • Projector, big screen, tablet and cables to demonstrate the game (optional). 

Elapsed TimeTimeActivity
2 minutes2 minutesIntroductions

Welcome the children and introduce yourself and any other team members.
7 minutes5 minutesPreparation

Give out the devices and make sure you note down which device each child gets (most schools have numbered devices). This will mean the child should be able to continue at the same point in the next session. Alternatively, guide the children to ‘create an account’, if you have permission for this.

(Children can start playing before they have set up an account, so this doesn’t all have to happen right at the start of the session: perhaps one helper could circulate and help each child individually.)

Explain any rules you have in your group, including any guidelines about how to behave with the devices.

Switch on the devices and tap the blue-and-yellow Guardians of Ancora app-icon. The app will open up and load a page headed ‘Select a Profile’.
12 minutes5 minutesGetting started

Don't spend too much time telling children about the game at the outset: they will be eager to play and they will find out how to play and what to do, as they tap around the options on-screen and experiment with different areas. Chat as they play, rather than giving a long explanation upfront.

Repeat the headlines from the school assembly:

The city of Ancora used to glow with the light of a thousand stories.
Now these tales are gone and the Spire grows dim.
But some still search for stories, to relight the Spire once more.
They are called the Guardians of Ancora!

Ancora is known as the city of light, where stories from the great Saga are told in front of the Spire of Light.
As the stories are told, the light shines more brightly, bringing light to the whole city.
Guardians explore new stories, bringing them back to the Theatre to share with the whole city. And today you are going to join those Guardians!

On ‘Select a Profile’, new players should tap ‘New Player’ and then choose their game character: gender and hairstyle. (Later in the game, players can customise their character with different colours and costumes.)
17 minutes5 minutesThe training room

Ask the children to go through the training room. This short quest will teach them the basic principles of the game and how to move, run, jump, climb ladders, bounce, collect items and use zipwires. They may even find they have learned how to somersault!

If possible, run through this on the big screen first; then let the children play through this Quest on their own devices.

Fabula, the chief storyteller, guides players through the training room, with words on-screen and an audio track.
Continue with your chosen Bible Quest session, adjusting timings accordingly.

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