Quiz for ‘The way to the Cross’

1: When Pilate wanted to release Jesus, what did the crowd shout?

  1. "Let Jesus go free!"
  2. "Long live the king!"
  3. "Hosanna! Hosanna!"
  4. "Kill Jesus! Give us Barabbas!"


2: What did Jesus pray while he was on the cross?

  1. "Father, punish these people!"
  2. "Father, forgive these people!"
  3. "Father, please take the pain away."
  4. "Father, don't let me die."


3: Who was crucified at the same time as Jesus?

  1. Two of his friends
  2. Two priests
  3. Two soldiers
  4. Two criminals


4: What happened in the sky at around noon?

  1. It got cloudy and began to rain
  2. The winds blew the clouds across really quickly
  3. The sun moved directly overhead
  4. It went very dark


5: What did Jesus' friends and the women who followed from Galilee do during Jesus' crucifixion?

  1. They cried and shouted at the Romans to stop
  2. They argued with the high priest
  3. They stood at a distance and watched
  4. They wrote some graffiti about Pilate on the city walls


6: Who helped carry the cross for Jesus?

  1. Simon Peter
  2. Pilate
  3. Mary Magdalene
  4. Simon from Cyrene


7: Who praised God when he saw what happened and watched Jesus die?

  1. A Roman Officer
  2. Simon Peter
  3. Mary Magdalene
  4. The high priest Caiaphas


8: One of the criminals insulted Jesus. What did the other one do?

  1. He said that their punishment was deserved
  2. All of these answers
  3. He said that Jesus hadn't done anything wrong
  4. He asked Jesus to remember him when he came in power


9: After Joseph had taken Jesus' body down from the cross, what did he do with it?

  1. He burned it
  2. He wrapped it in fine cloth and put it in a tomb
  3. He dug a hole and buried it in the ground
  4. He gave it to the 12 friends of Jesus


10: What did the women who were friends of Jesus do?

  1. They picked some sweet-smelling flowers
  2. They prepared some fresh bread and fish
  3. They prepared some cheese and wine
  4. They prepared some sweet-smelling spices for his burial


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