Quiz for ‘Messages from Angels’

1: What family was Joseph descended from?

  1. King David’s
  2. The tribe of Benjamin
  3. The priest Aaron
  4. The Queen of Sheba


2: When Joseph found out that Mary was pregnant, what was he going to do?

  1. Bring the wedding forward
  2. Call off the wedding
  3. Send Mary away
  4. Become a hermit


3: How did the Angel of the Lord appear to Joseph?

  1. In a nightmare
  2. In a bright tunic
  3. In a dream
  4. In a posh sports car


4: What does the name “Immanuel” mean?

  1. God is with them
  2. God is love
  3. God is quite nice really
  4. God is with us


5: What was the name of the angel who was sent to Nazareth in Galilee?

  1. Michael
  2. Raphael
  3. Donatello
  4. Gabriel


6: How was all this happening to Mary?

  1. By the power of the angel
  2. By the power of the local priest
  3. By the power of the Holy Spirit
  4. By the power of electricity


7: How did Mary describe herself?

  1. As a little girl
  2. As the Lord’s servant
  3. As Joseph’s husband
  4. As an angel


8: Who else was having a baby?

  1. Mary’s cousin Elizabeth
  2. Mary’s sister Elizabeth
  3. Elizabeth, Mary’s mother
  4. King David’s wife


9: God would make Jesus a king like…

  1. Herod the Great
  2. His ancestor David
  3. His ancestor Solomon
  4. None who had come before


10: After Gabriel had spoken to Mary, what did the angel do?

  1. The angel shone bright and flapped his wings
  2. The angel became see-through and walked through the wall
  3. The angel left Mary
  4. The angel stayed for dinner


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