Quiz for ‘Jesus forgives and heals’

1: Where had the Pharisees and teachers of the Law NOT come from?

  1. Every town in Galilee
  2. Every town in Judea
  3. Jerusalem
  4. Bethlehem


2: What did the men come carrying?

  1. A paralysed man on a mat
  2. A blind man
  3. A large roll of carpet
  4. A ladder


3: Why did they take the paralysed man on to the roof?!

  1. To give him a better view of Jesus
  2. To help Jesus see him
  3. So they could make a hole and lower him into the room where sus was
  4. So they could make a hole so he could see Jesus


4: When Jesus saw how much faith they had, what did he say to the man?

  1. “Get up and walk.”
  2. “My friend, your sins are forgiven.”
  3. “I can't believe you made a hole in the roof!”
  4. “You have good friends.”


5: Who did the Pharisees say was the only one who could forgive sins?

  1. Them
  2. God
  3. The friends
  4. Jesus


6: What does the Bible say Jesus knew?

  1. What they were saying
  2. What they were doing
  3. What they were cooking
  4. What they were thinking


7: What did Jesus say to the man?

  1. “Get up and walk.”
  2. “Get up and walk home.”
  3. “Get up and dance.”
  4. “Get a move on.”


8: Why did he tell the man to get up?

  1. To show that the man was healed
  2. To show he had authority to forgive sins
  3. To show off
  4. To show that God is love


9: What did the man NOT do?

  1. Get up
  2. Pick up his bed mat
  3. Go home thanking and praising God
  4. Rub his sore legs


10: What was the response of the people?

  1. They clapped
  2. They cheered
  3. They praised God
  4. They praised Jesus


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