Quiz for ‘Jesus is Alive!’

1: What day of the week did they go to the tomb?

  1. Saturday
  2. Sunday
  3. The Sabbath
  4. Good Friday


2: Why were they going to the tomb?

  1. To do the required three days of mourning
  2. To prepare Jesus' body properly for burial with spices
  3. To make sure the Romans didn't take Jesus' body
  4. To decorate the walls with flowers and garlands


3: Who was at the tomb when it was still dark?

  1. John
  2. Simon Peter
  3. The Roman soldiers
  4. Mary Magdalene


4: What was strange about the tomb's entrance?

  1. There was a bright light coming form it
  2. The stone had been rolled away
  3. The stone had been painted
  4. There was no way in


5: Why did Simon Peter not get to the tomb first?

  1. Because he left later
  2. Because he fell on the way
  3. Because he had been given the wrong time
  4. Because the other disciple ran faster


6: What did Simon Peter see in the tomb?

  1. Bones
  2. Dead bodies
  3. The strips of linen cloth
  4. Jesus


7: What was Mary Magdalene doing outside the tomb?

  1. Sitting
  2. Talking to Peter
  3. Eating breakfast
  4. Crying


8: What did Mary Magdalene see when she went back inside the tomb?

  1. Jesus
  2. An empty tomb
  3. Zombies
  4. Two angels


9: When Mary saw Jesus, who did she think he was?

  1. The gardener
  2. A rabbi
  3. A teacher
  4. An angel


10: What did Mary think had happened?

  1. That Jesus had risen from the dead
  2. That Jesus had been put into a bigger tomb
  3. That she had forgotten what tomb Jesus was in
  4. That someone had taken Jesus' body


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