Prompts for ‘The Way to the Cross’

Select two or three of these prompts from “The Way to the Cross” to consider together, in a group.

  • Jesus says, “I forgive you.” Keep listening to him say that, today.
  • What would you like to ask God?

Prompts to help players pray

  • Jesus didn't have to suffer, but he chose to. Why do you think he did that?
  • Chat with God about how this Bible story makes you feel towards him.
  • Ask Jesus to help you be calm when others threaten you.
  • Who could you tell about Jesus? What would you tell them?

Prompts to help players ponder the great things of God

  • What happened in this story? Is it what you thought would happen?
  • Why (or why not) did you expect this to happen in the story? What did you expect?
  • What do you think this tells you about God?

Prompts to help players explore the Bible story

  • What is special about this story?
  • What is hard about this story?
  • Why did this happen?

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