Prompts for ‘How to talk with God’

Select two or three of these prompts from “How to talk with God” to consider together, in a group.

  • Ask Jesus to help YOU to pray. Then listen to what he says to you.
  • Jesus’ prayer is about avoiding wrong things and situations in everyday life. How could Jesus help you today?

Prompts to help players pray

  • If someone asked you to show them how to pray, how would you answer?
  • Tell God two things about Jesus that make you happy.
  • Tell God about something you really want or want to happen.
  • Jesus tells us to pray for our food. Make sure you thank God for every meal you eat this week.

Prompts to help players ponder the great things of God

  • If everyone prayed the way Jesus taught, what difference do you think it would make in the world?
  • What names for God do you know? Each says something about God. Why is each name important?
  • Have you ever heard God say something to you?

Prompts to help players explore the Bible story

  • Jesus' prayer is about God's kingdom on earth. What does that mean to you?
  • Jesus' prayer is about God's care for everything he has made. How do you feel about that?
  • Jesus' prayer asks God to forgive. Do you need to ask for God's forgiveness? Do you need to forgive someone?

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