Prompts for ‘Jesus and Jairus’

Select two or three of these prompts from “Jesus and Jairus” to consider together, in a group.

  • What does Jesus want you to discover about him today?
  • Everyone could see the girl was alive again. Have you any idea what Jesus wanted the parents to keep secret?

Prompts to help players pray

  • The woman and the girl's dad, Jairus, both trusted Jesus to heal sick people. What do you trust Jesus to do?
  • What different feelings do you have?
  • Thank Jesus. He loves everyone.
  • Jairus, the dad, asked Jesus for his one thing that really mattered. Ask God for your one thing that really matters.

Prompts to help players ponder the great things of God

  • Jesus healed the woman and the girl straight away. Does Jesus always answer straight away? Why – or why not?
  • Jesus asked who it was in the crowd who touched him on purpose. What does that say about Jesus?
  • Why did people outside Jairus' house laugh at Jesus? Think of another time when people laughed at him.

Prompts to help players explore the Bible story

  • Who did Jesus help, in this story?
  • How difficult might it be for the woman to get through the crowd to touch Jesus?
  • What did the dad, Jairus, expect Jesus to do? What did Jesus do?

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