Prompts for ‘Jesus feeds a crowd’

Select two or three of these prompts from “Jesus Feeds a Crowd” to consider together, in a group.

  • When did you last say “thank you” to God? What makes you grateful? What’s God saying to you?
  • Would you like to have been there?

Prompts to help players pray

  • What do you like most to eat? Thank God for what you’ve eaten today.
  • Imagine you’re in the crowd listening to Jesus all day. How do you feel? Tell God about it.
  • Jesus provided food for a crowd. Create a way to thank him for his care.
  • Ask Jesus to provide for children who are hungry.

Prompts to help players ponder the great things of God

  • On this day, what three things did Jesus’ friends find out about him?
  • Why did Jesus need to thank God for the food?
  • What sort of king did the people think Jesus was? Was he like that?

Prompts to help players explore the Bible story

  • What was it like for the boy to see his own food shared out among everyone else?
  • What was it about Jesus that made the people want to be in the crowd?
  • Why was there so much food left over? Did it go to waste?

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