Prompts for ‘Jesus is Alive’

Select two or three of these prompts from “Jesus is Alive” to consider together, in a group.

  • Mary heard Jesus call her by name. Imagine Jesus calls you by your name. What will you say?
  • Shout praises to God that Jesus is alive!

Prompts to help players pray

  • Why didn't Simon Peter know what to think or believe? Tell God what you don't understand about him.
  • Mary felt so many emotions in this story. What do you feel? Tell Jesus about it.
  • The stone over the grave's entrance had rolled away. Jesus' body was gone! Wow! God can do anything!
  • Who will you tell about this story?

Prompts to help players ponder the great things of God

  • How important is it to you, that Jesus is alive?
  • At first Mary did not recognise Jesus. Why was that? Why do many people not realise who Jesus is?
  • Some people say Jesus had only fainted and hadn't died. Why would Mary say they are wrong to think that?

Prompts to help players explore the Bible story

  • Imagine how Mary's feelings changed from when she got up that morning to when she met Jesus in the garden.
  • What did the other disciple (not Simon Peter) do and believe in this story?
  • Why do you think the cloth round Jesus' face was rolled up and separate from the cloth round Jesus' body?

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