Prompts for prayer and discussion

When Guardians of Ancora players visit the Timeline, at the Spire, they will gradually collect ‘prompts’ about the Bible Quest stories, helping them to think about the story further and to make their own response to God, in the Creative Hub.

If children have played the game for most of your session, you may like to bring everyone together towards the end, for a short circle time. As one activity in this time, you might like to pose a few questions that will help children to reflect on what they have been playing.

A well-used and helpful pattern is to ask:

  • What have you found out, in this Bible story, that you did not know before?
  • What has this Bible story reminded you about, that you knew already?
  • What big thought are you going to keep thinking about, after hearing this Bible story?

Alternatively, you could ask one or two of the prompting questions from the game. Each Bible Quest leads on to to a total of 12 prompts, so don’t try to cover them all: select two or three, maximum, to stimulate conversation.

Remind players that they can discover these prompts for themselves, in the app, and also make (and sometimes post) their own responses in the Creative Hub (accessed by the ‘spiral book’ icon at the bottom-left of the screen) or directly from a ‘prompt’ speech bubble, at the Timeline.

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