For Clubs in Schools

Have you thought of running a Guardians of Ancora club in your local school? 

Guardians of Ancora Clubs are a simple and effective way to help build links with your local school. They run for 4 to 6 weeks with a small group of children at lunchtime or after school. They provide a great opportunity for children to get to know the Guardians of Ancora game and engage with the Bible stories it contains.

Guardians of Ancora is a free tablet game for 8- to 11-year-olds offering an amazing virtual world and an immersive interactive experience of Bible stories. It combines the excitement and creativity of a high-spec online game with an immersive experience of Bible content and faith formation. The game is played on a tablet computer (Apple, Android or Amazon Fire devices). Children enter this virtual world as Guardians of the city, called Ancora, and their challenge is to find the Bible stories that have been lost.

Champions of Ancora

‘Champions’ are adults who proactively promote and use Guardians of Ancora in their churches and schools. It’s easy to sign up to be a Champion yourself by filling in a short form on the Scripture Union website. You’ll receive updates, essential information and free additional resources for working with children. We regularly add to and improve our free resources, so by signing up you will ensure that you have the best up-to-date material possible.

For more general information about the game (how to download it, promotional videos, holiday clubs, etc.) Visit the about Guardians of Ancora page which will tell you all you need to know.

Clubs and schools ebook

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