Send them home, playing

How can you encourage children in your group, club or church to become regular players of the game and make Guardians of Ancora part of their time with God?

At the end of a session, make sure children know how to download the app on their own devices at home.

Spend time in a session chatting with children who have been playing the game. Even if they don’t have their devices with them, encourage them to tell you (and each other) what they have been doing.

Be familiar with the game yourself, not to be ‘better’ than other players or to filter their experience, but simply so you meet and chat as fellow-players.

At the end of a group-time, send those who play the game out with a mini-challenge. Next time you meet, see how everyone got on (including yourself!). Involve the children in setting the challenges, too, such as: complete two Bible Quests; make and post three prayers in a week; count how many days in a row you play the game; and so on.

Look for ways to help players tell their friends about the game. It can be an easy way for Christian children to invite their non-Christian friends to find out more about Jesus.

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