Thank you!

This project would not have been possible without the generous help, support and prayers given by many individuals and organisations.

We have been privileged to call upon some wise individuals experienced in the area of children and faith formation. We are very thankful for the following consultants for their faithful insights and advice.

Children & Faith Consultants

Revd Professor Leslie Francis

Esther Bailey

Elizabeth Barnet

Ivy Beckwith

Anne Carter

David Csinos

Lorraine Darlow

Sam Donoghue

Revd Steve Dixon

Carolyn Edwards

Revd Dr Tanya Eustace

Chuck Faber

Mark Forshaw

Beyond faith formation in children, we have also been very fortunate to call on a number of expert advisers in many other areas. We are very grateful to the following people for their generous contributions to the project.

Consultants & Advisers

Jean Elliott

Helen Franklin

John Grayston

Markus Hartmann

Nick Jackson

Margaret Lilley

Kay Morgan-Curr

Steve Morgan-Curr

Revd Dr Ian Paul

Revd Mark Brown

Lance Priebe

Jonathan Male

Robert Male

A huge amount of creativity has gone into creating this game in both creation and editing of the content. We are very grateful to the following people for their unstinting focus and attention to detail. 


Victoria Beech

Darren Hill

Dr Bex Lewis

Rosey Johnson

Gill Sandell

Fiona Veitch Smith

Alex Taylor

Ro Willoughby

Suzannah Ferguson

A significant part of the content has been created in the recording studio, and we are delighted to thank the following people for their professionalism and creativity in creating that content.

Audio Recordings

Rebekah Harvey

Gemma Hunt

Rob Lehmann

Sandy Muray

Anna Newcome

Cathy Wardle

Kyle Winfield

Mike Jiggins

Thank you to the hundreds of Scripture Union supporters who have given generously to support Guardians of Ancora, and to make this exciting mission opportunity possible. If you’d like to be among them, you can make a donation here. We are delighted to publicly thank and acknowledge support from the following individuals and organisations:


Andrew Russell

The Ashworth Family

Chas & Chris

Chris & Elizabeth Way

David Taylor

Dr S Chan

Geoff Chandler

Ian Maxwell

J D F Brown

Carolyn Edwards

Jim Steele

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the following people for their generous support in the project:

  • American Bible Society: With thanks for the very generous financial support during Phase 1 of the project
  • The Douglas Trust: With thanks for the very generous financial support and backing of the project
  • Bible Society (BFBS): With thanks for kind permission to use Contemporary English Version, Anglicised
  • Jason Arthur: With thanks for kind permission to use Tooney Loons font, free of charge

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