Live the incredible adventures of the bible

  • Run. jump and explore

    Enter the wonderful world of Ancora and play your way through exciting Bible Quests. With a new Quest each month, the stories of the Bible are really brought to life in new and exciting ways.

  • Play exciting quizzes

    Test your knowledge by taking quizzes on the Bible Quests you've completed – how much can you remember about the stories? Why not try the personality quizzes, too, and find out which Guardians of Ancora character you're most like.

  • Listen to the Bible stories

    Enter the 'Story of the saga' library to find out even more about the lost stories of the saga – The Bible stories the Quests are based on. Listen as chief storyteller, Fabula, reads the exciting stories aloud.

  • Watch the videos

    Visit the Theatre of the Saga and watch videos related to each Bible story. New videos are being added every week!

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