How to source tablets

“Help! There’s no tech in our church!”

It’s not an unusual lament to the Guardians of Ancora team – but here are some ideas to help you think about what might be possible…

The cost of tablets is coming down all the time. Shop around and, in the UK, you will be able to buy a device for less than £50. Before you buy, check that the device and game are compatible: there will be information on the relevant app store and on the FAQ page. Pick a trader (high street or online) with good customer service and returns policy, just in case anything goes wrong.

Involve the children in fundraising, to buy one or a set of devices for your church or group. Classic methods such as cake-bakes always go well or try theming the fundraising to the game, perhaps with a sponsored Guardians of Ancora playathon!

Ask people in your congregation to consider donating their used tablets and smartphones when they get an upgrade.

Look out for bargains, such as a ‘free tablet with a new phone’ deal.

With permission from their parents and home-adults, invite and encourage children to bring their own devices to your group, event or church. You may be surprised at how many have their own! (In the UK, a quarter of preschool children own their own device!)

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