Guardians of Ancora Promotional video

Scripture Union, the organisation behind the game Guardians of Ancora has released two promotional videos showcasing the development and response to the game. The video features various interviews with members of the public which includes parents and children, key Girl-on-tabletmembers of Scripture Union staff and church leaders. The video includes scenes from a featurette that was part of an episode of Songs of Praise at the end of August, and the Guardians of Ancora launch party that occurred earlier in the year.

The video reveals why Scripture Union developed the game and showcases thoughts from parents and children alike.  It also includes thoughts from Christian leader Cris Rogers. The videos are available to watch via the Guardians of Ancora YouTube channel. The promotional videos are available in a short 2 minute version  and a longer and more in-depth 5 minute version, giving more details about the game.

Watch the video below:

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