Chill zones and quiet corners

There are plenty of times when children (and adults) appreciate time to just hang out, relax and not have to do very much.

Invite children to bring their own devices with them and share what they’ve been playing with others in the group. Keep the mood casual and chat together about what’s been discovered.

Set up a relaxing space, with beanbags and tablets, where children can play the game. This can be particularly helpful for those who struggle to be in large groups or with a lot of noise and busy-ness.

Create a larger, supervised space at big events, such as fetes, festivals and carnivals.

Have tablets loaded with the game ready to loan to those who are queuing for a special event or service. (Christmas could be a busy time!)

Use Guardians of Ancora as a prayer station, encouraging children to use the Creative Hub to make God-ward responses.

Review all the times people from your church are working with children, within the church and beyond. Ask yourself: ‘What would it look like to add Guardians of Ancora to this group or situation?’ Then see if you can make it happen!

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