The basics

Here are some of the basic things that you will need to know. See more links on the right hand side.

Who the club is for

The clubs are for children in Key Stage 2 (UK: primary education for pupils aged 7 to 11 in England and Wales, or 8 to 11 in Northern Ireland). The game requires children to be able to read simple captions. Aim for a maximum of ten children in the group, to ensure you support all the children and can easily engage them in conversation about the game.

When to run the club

The Guardians Club concept has been developed to run at lunchtime or after school. Each session will last approximately 50 minutes. In practice, 4 to 6 weeks works well for the duration of the club. This gives the children enough time to learn the game and, hopefully, be inspired to play it at home. After this, you could repeat the club with a new group of children.

Adult support

The group needs at least one leader who is familiar with the game and can run the group and at least one other adult (volunteer or teacher) present. It is advantageous to have other adults in the room who can talk to the children as they play the game. Many children enjoy chatting while they play, showing what they are doing or asking about the stories. There will be many opportunities for casual yet significant conversations.


You will need to ask the school to use ten of their tablet devices (Apple, Android or Kindle Fire devices). You, or the person responsible for technology at the school, will download the game on to these for the children to play on. (Most primary schools will have these in their schools.)

It would be advantageous (but not essential) if you can connect one of these to a projector in a classroom, so that everyone can watch (and take turns to play) on a big screen. Ideally, the same set of tablets will be available each week. This will ensure the game is accessible and that club members can use the same device, week on week.

During the period of the club, there may be an update to the game. These are notified by email and through social media. Make sure you are aware and can update the school tablets ahead of a club session, so that club time is not lost while devices are updated.


Guardians Clubs follow a simple and flexible structure. Begin your first meeting with First Club Session. Then continue with a Session Plan.

All the session plans follow a similar pattern and can be taken in any order, though you may want to choose the ‘easy’ Bible Quests first:

  • Introduction;
  • Game play;
  • Activity, based on the story the children have encountered in the game;
  • Pause for thought (reflective question);
  • Close