Quiz for ‘At Simon Peter's House’

1: Whose house did Jesus visit?

  1. Mary, Martha and Lazarus’
  2. John the Baptist’s
  3. King Solomon’s
  4. Simon Peter’s


2: What relation was the sick woman to Simon Peter?

  1. Mother-in-law
  2. Sister
  3. Aunt
  4. Grandmother


3: What was wrong with her?

  1. She had leprosy
  2. She had a high fever
  3. She was deaf
  4. She had broken her leg


4: What did Jesus tell the fever to do?

  1. Calm down
  2. Be still
  3. Go away
  4. Go into some nearby pigs


5: What was the woman then well enough to do?

  1. Lie down
  2. Get up
  3. Go out
  4. Sit still


6: What did the lady then do for Jesus and Simon Peter?

  1. She baked them a cake
  2. She made them a drink
  3. She sang them a song
  4. She served them a meal


7: Who else came to see Jesus?

  1. People who were ill
  2. People who were tired
  3. People who were lost
  4. People who were worried


8: What time of day was this?

  1. Afternoon
  2. Early morning
  3. After sunset
  4. Midnight


9: What did Jesus do for them?

  1. He fed them
  2. He washed them
  3. He healed them
  4. He taught them


10: How did Jesus heal them?

  1. He put mud on their eyes
  2. He put his hands on them
  3. He baptised them
  4. He prayed for them


Question 1

D. Simon Peter's

Question 2

A. Mother-in-law

Question 3

B. She had a high fever

Question 4

C. Go away

Question 5

B. Get up

Question 6

D. She served them a meal

Question 7

A. People who were ill

Question 8

C. After sunset

Question 9

C. He healed them

Question 10

B. He put his hands on them